Maytaal Angel

A Reuters commodities reporter with experience working on high profile stories in a fast paced, real time news environment

Coffee crisis in Central America fuels record exodus north

By Maytaal Angel, Gustavo Palencia and Sofia Menchu EL LAUREL, Honduras/LA LAGUNETA, Guatemala, Dec 8 (Reuters) - The four sons of MarĂ­a Bonilla and Esteban Funes all embarked on the treacherous journey north, one of them aged 10, preferring the life of an unauthorized migrant in America to a coffee farmer in Central America. "If I didn't have my mom, I would also go to the U.S. It's better there. Here, no one is solvent," said 40-year-old Bonilla, who's still trying to beat the odds and turn a profit at her family farm in El Laurel, northeast Honduras.

In Ivory Coast, a battle to save cocoa-ravaged forests

By Joe Bavier, Maytaal Angel and Ange Aboa DJIGBADJI, Ivory Coast, Nov 18 (Reuters) - This cocoa-growing settlement was all but destroyed last year by Ivorian forest agents, leaving farmers to rake through their beans amid broken concrete and other remnants. "They set the whole village on fire," said Alexis Kouassi Akpoue, describing the day in January 2020 when the agents raided the settlement in Rapides Grah, a protected forest, where he had illicitly planted cocoa with thousands of other farmers. "The next morning at 5 o'clock they sent in the bulldozers."
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